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Natural Search Website Ranking

A great looking website means nothing if your website does not show up in top level search results. Potential natural search customers will not see your website unless your website is high in natural search.

Website's in the top 5 positions on page one returns are a result of thoughtful and correct keyword choices that drive traffic, keyword densities, optimized Meta Tags and linking strategies. Google now adds speed which your website loads which puts emphasis on clean code and Java Script issues.

Your website foundation needs to be strong with clean code and no duplicate content issues. Ranking basics are simple but few websites are built with website optimization and ranking basics in mind. As with most things a weak foundation soon crumbles. Very few webmasters or advertising firms are equipped to meet the demanding issues of ranking a website high in search results; we are natural search ranking and internet marketing experts !

Website Ranking
Natural Search

Meta Tags Importance in Natural Search

Search Engines send Robots crawl your site to find what your website is about. The words or text found in the sites code tells the robot what your site is about. If keywords that are important to your sites rankings are not found, your website will not rank well. With missing keywords or keyword phrases in the structure of your sites Meta Tags robots seldom give top website rankings for search results.

Page Relevance and Ranking

On page Content or Relevance is key in relation to search engine optimization. Keyword or Keyword phrase inclusion in all areas is most important to good natural search rankings.

Pages are crawled by search engine robots which look for content or relevance in form of keywords that were entered in the search by your potential customer.

Robots compile all the relevant keyword data from the page and combine this with Meta Tag relevant data to match the search. To this they add your links which should be optimized for your chosen keywords. With correct website marketing components, clean code and no duplicate content issues your website should show top returns in search engine results. Our expertise in meeting the components needed for high rankings include keyword selection - keyword balances - code cleaning - duplicate content issues resolution. Along with One Way Linking Services an unbeatable combination ready to go to work for you !

Relevance and Ranking
Photos or Graphics

Search Engines Can Not Read Photos or Graphics

Photo rich or awesome graphics help sell your products after a potential customer reaches your website but they are not an asset in ranking your website. When marketing or ranking a website in natural search it is best to look at the page as text on a white sheet of paper and work from these bases to convince the robots your website is relevant to the search.

Keyword Research

Website pages should be identified for a distinct purpose or relevant Keyword phrase that will drive traffic to the page.

A websites generation of natural search traffic is enhanced with internal page optimization for targeted search terms. Internal page optimization can expand a websites ability to address a expanded number of keywords or keyword phrases.

Selecting search terms or phases that are productive traffic generators relevant to your website content is often over looked. Keywords or search term phrases require research as to their natural search traffic generation abilities - just how many times are the chosen search terms searched on.

Proper website optimization service is not possible without keyword research; the importance of this step simply cannot be understated.Making it most important to proper website marketing.

Keyword Research

Knowing Your Competition

Competition for search terms in natural search can be fierce so knowing what your competitions weaknesses are related to page optimization and website rankings is a key component of high natural search rankings for your website.

We research the top 10 returns for your chosen search terms, create a report and then and only then can we quote a website marketing plan for your needs.

Any website ranking service that guarantees a #1 ranking or any ranking level is speaking with fork tongue. Successful natural search ranking is a many faceted project. If you doubt this ask them to rank a website #1 for Google !