Sharepoint Implementation

Empower Your Workforce With Enterprise Data

workflow, and provide enterprise content management and collaboration capabilities. With implementation services from SSYH, enterprise data is delivered to your employees, increasing their productivity and empowering information workers to make decisions by giving them the right information when they need it.

A SSYH SharePoint Implementation Specialist will assess your knowledge access and sharing requirements, and help you customize and deploy a solution that addresses your specific business needs.

Services provided include :

Enterprise Data
Sharepoint Development

SharePoint Development

With Itransition SharePoint services your corporate environment will be as productive as you expect.


5 Solutions From Itransition

To accelerate your business process, improve teamwork and leverage decision-making


Corporate Intranet

We deliver comprehensive enterprise intranet/extranet solutions carefully customized to comply with your business objectives, content taxonomy and organizational structure. Depending on the portal focus and underlying business processes, we build highly flexible and scalable SharePoint solutions that effectively support corporate information flow and may combine content search, access and delivery with collaboration features and automation of related routines.

Document Management

From simple well-structured document storage to document routing, related workflows and policies, it is Itransition who provides SharePoint-based DMS to process your legal, financial and technical documentation in the most cost-effective and convenient way. Using our broad expertise and technology skills we’re able to build a comprehensive SharePoint-based DMS tailored to you individual needs and scalable for future business growth.

Document Management
Digital Assets Management

Digital Asset Management

Itransition treats DMS and portal solutions mentioned above as an integral part of enterprise content management. Taking advantage of SharePoint technology we offer DAM implementation bringing your corporate information system closer to ECM level. We make available cost-effective knowledge management, improved collaboration and higher content availability.

Business Intelligence

Itransition helps companies to setup a single data access gateway and visualize their stats by implementing SharePoint-based business intelligence solutions. We deliver all-round BI solutions, starting from the higher-level presentation layer and down to data mining and data quality management, ensuring a smooth ETL process.

Business Intelligence
Internet Portal

Internet Portal

Dealing with huge volumes of internet-focused content or plan to launch new online service? Itransition is a one-stop vendor for designing, developing and maintaining your SharePoint internet portal.