Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

I-Infotechsys believes that there are no secrets to search engine optimization. High rankings in the search engines are a result of a combination of on-page and external linking strategies.

And How Does It Work

Why Do We Need It And How Does It Work ?

Search engine optimization has become a critical part of the business marketing mix. Companies attempting to compete in the market today face the challenge of displaying their sites and offerings to as many targeted consumers as possible.

Applying efforts to targeted marketing strategies such as search engine optimization allows companies to spend money on reaching customers that have a much higher likelihood of buying their services and avoids wastage. Targeted marketing and careful tracking of these marketing efforts ensure a business is as effective as possible in maximizing return for its marketing spend.

Today’s consumer society uses the internet to find the businesses and services they need. Be it plumbers or accountants, the search more often than not starts online. The main mechanisms available for finding sites are the search engines. Search engines such as Google have become the primary means by which consumers find and compare products and services.

Due to the extensive reliance on the search engines, search engine marketing has become the most targeted and traceable marketing tool available.

Search engine marketing allows a business to display a site to consumers performing searches related to their business, while using the correct reporting tools allows a business to track exactly how many users are visiting their site and which search terms led them to it.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Fit In?

There are only two ways for your site to gain a listing in the search engines. The first is to pay the search engine directly on a cost-per-click basis and the second is to ensure the site is built in the optimal configuration to be listed for the major terms relevant to the business. The latter is known as search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization Fit In
We Use Search Engine Optimization

So How Do We Use Search Engine Optimization ?

There are really just three simple steps:

Identify the search terms that are relevant to your business.

Construct your site to appear as relevant to the search engines as possible for the identified terms.

Ensure others are continually linking to your site from relevant sites.