Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions

Effective Marketing

Effective Marketing

Dynamics CRM gives a comprehensive overview of the market situation, traces results of your marketing campaigns, minimizes your company’s presale efforts, and improves the sale and after-sale stages. It is a valuable tool to identify profitability level of each sales channel, which ultimately improves marketing, sales management and strategic planning.

Streamlined Sales and Customer Relationships Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to see the complete picture of customer relationships history, improve planning of your investments and easily accommodate to demands of key customers.

It also empowers you to streamline the sales lifecycle (from placing an initial order to a delivery stage) and ensures that your clients have the goods they want, where and when they want them.

Sales and Customer Relationships Management
Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

We offer out-of-the-box tools customization for your products and services lifecycle management in relation to marketing activities.