Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS Solutions

100% Legal Bulk SMS Marketing Services.

Bulk SMS Marketing made easy and simple

Bulk SMS Solutions
SMS Do For You

What Can I-Infotechsys Do For You ?

We can provide you complete end to end solutions for Bulk SMS Marketing.

Your only responsibilities are to provide us with text of the message, Display Name (GSM Header) & Mobile Number (CDMA Header)

Our Bulk SMS Marketing service let's you focus on your business not the technical issues of sending out your mass bulk SMS.

SMS Benefit

Who Can Benefit?

Airlines, Astrologers, Banks, Blood Banks, Cinema Publicity Department, Clubs, College, Content Providers, Corporate, Couriers, Customer Relations Dept., Department Stores, Distributors/Dealers Network, Educational Institution, Event management, Government Agencies, Hospitals, Marketing Dept. Newspapers / Magazines, Political Parties, Radio Stations, Railways, Retailers, Schools, Shops, Stock Brokers, Supermarket, Travel Agencies, TV Channels, Weather Dept.