Who.is Records

Whois Domain

Who is Domain can help you search for information about domain names. To find the registered owner of a particular domain name as well as other information about the domain name, type in the domain name above eg: mydomain.com.au and click on Search.


Availability Check

I-infotechsys supports more Top Level Domains (TLDs) than any other WHOIS service. In addition to the popular Generic TLDs like .COM, .NET, .ORG, etc., we also support hundreds of Country Code TLDs (ccTLDs). We offer a basic DNS check for those registries which don't provide standard WHOIS access and our site is IDN friendly, making it easy to find available domains in other languages.

WHOIS and Hosting History

There are many websites offering a basic WHOIS lookup service, but our site offers extensive historical information including WHOIS, IP Address (website hosting), Name Server, Registrar and Screenshot history to help provide a complete view of a domain name's life cycle. When buying a domain from someone you may not know or trust, make sure you protect yourself by researching the domain's history.


Reverse WHOIS

We offers a very powerful tool called Reverse WHOIS making it possible to discover other domains owned by the same organization, research possible spammers and trademark violators or use for competitive analysis. Enter one or more unique identifiers that appear in a Whois record, and we'll tell you all the matching domain names (current or historical) with Whois records containing those identifiers. You can also set alerts to watch for future changes using our Registrant Alert service.

Professional Whois Membership

If DNS lookups & domain research are a common practice in your routine, then you may be interested in the perks of a professional membership. From complete whois histories to registrant alerts and much more, the expanded toolset provides a wide range of current and historical domain information. Go to Features & Pricing to learn more about a professional membership.